Bad things happen when good people do nothing

Some days I just can’t find my big girl panties! And even if I could, I really don’t want to wear them. Some days I feel like such a strange little girl in this boys world, that it takes every ounce of my energy to face the day. In my cosy morning fantasy I imagine escaping the boy world, like so many before me, or even just staying in this cosy bed world all day long to get my head right and ready again! But of course I don’t. I was raised to carry on, to be resilient, to face the world head held high. So I drag myself up, put on my highest heals and my brightest lipstick and chest-out-chin-up I head for my glass and metal cocoon. Why? Because I absolutely love my job. And because I know absolutely that this is where I should be.

On these days when I falter, I need my women colleagues the most, I need their strength and their wisdom and their giggles. If only there were more…

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke. Ok so that’s a bit extreme so in this context lets just say ” bad things happen when good people do nothing”.

There are absolutely men in my world who completely get it. Men who know (really know) the importance of a diverse leadership team. Men who encourage, who mentor, who lead by example. It’s you that we need the most! We need to use your voices! We need you to speak out, to speak out loudly and to speak out often. We need you to teach what you’ve already learned to your other male colleagues. We need you good men to do something…

We all have unconscious bias, and the vast majority of us want to overcome it. Men can teach men to recognise it in each other. Men can teach men to actively consider what it takes to make this world a place where women want to come and to stay. Men can teach men to create women leaders.

I know all the excuses: she left because a or b or c, yes these all sound like valid reasons…but why didn’t she want to stay? Why, after all the work she did, to get as far as she has, why did she need reason a or b or c? Why didn’t she want to stay here, to lead here, to make this business even greater? And why did so many feel the same? Bad things happen when good people do nothing…

As women in the workplace we also need to do something. Most of us want more women leaders, more role models, more peers. We too need to speak out but we also need to decide to stay! We owe it to ourselves and to each other to make a change. So good women please don’t go! And if you go, please come back.

Thanks to amazing women in places far away the butterfly effect is in motion. The movement is getting stronger and the voices are getting louder and more influential. Thanks to the first bra burning adventurers we have a voice, but this new wave of change needs a unisex approach – to really make a change, to get to a truly diverse workplace, we all need to be good people, we all need to do something.

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