Banking on the future

As we travel down the road to banking innovation and focus on attracting incredible talent, it’s becoming increasingly clear that we have a slight problem Houston…it seems that banks have a bad rap!

Where to lay the blame seems a little less clear…it could be the multiple crises over the last few decades, could be recent high-profile scandals, sensationalised movies and TV shows with hyper-villainous bankers, or tales of “great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money” – whatever the cause, the reputation is certainly a little more tarnished than it was back in the day!

Now I’m not claiming that there is a whole lot of fireless smoke nor do I want to embark on a meaningless defensive diatribe, but I do feel compelled to encourage incredible talent back into the illustrious world of financial services.

So, why is banking an exciting place to forge your career?

Firstly, banking has its heart in innovation – yes, innovation. Banking by definition sits in the middle of the economy and as much as that economy changes (all the time!) so must banking adapt. It is an industry that continually has to reinvent itself, continually innovating and redefining what it provides for its clients. Now, more than ever before, banks are feeling the pressure to reinvent themselves to thrive in a digital age and i future-proof the world of financial services. This is a great opportunity for innovators in non-traditional banking spheres to participate — engineers, developers, creatives, design experts — all have roles to play in the banking innovation ecosystem of the present and of the future. Diversity is essential for innovation. Banks are seeking talent from all walks of life and cultural shifts that have been slow in the past are accelerating as the industry recognises the need for great diversity of thinking.

Secondly, it’s a challenging and dynamic working environment. Banks are notoriously competitive, but it’s exactly that type of backdrop that allows you to participate in a highly stimulating career path. The opportunities for growth are immediate and long-lasting, and the energy and buzz that the environment provides create great opportunities for individual and team outperformance. Dynamic environments also have great scope for autonomy and mastery and, importantly, an opportunity to be part of creating a new future.

The industry is also one where learning is part of the everyday experience: banks are well known for structured in-house training, but they are also supportive of formal training programmes. Continual learning is essential for if banks are to continue to be innovative and is of great value to individuals working in the space as they follow their own development and leadership journeys.

And, lastly, we have fun! As we strive for lives where work and life come together, an industry that allows you to have fun while you work and that embraces your individual excellence in a great working environment is pretty appealing!

Listen to my chat about RMB’s Athena programme on Classic FM here.  The Athena programme won the “Women Empowerment in the Workplace” award at the 2016 Gender Mainstreaming Awards.

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