Women love competing too

Men are more competitive than women! That’s according to a recent study completed at Grand Valley State University in Michigan. Their data shows that even among highly competitive college athletes, men have a slight edge on their female counterparts when it comes to overall competitiveness. The results showed that men were driven by their desire for status and recognition, while women were much more team-oriented.

I’m not buying it…I think women are just as competitive as men, I just think that we are programmed to compete differently. Continue reading “Women love competing too”

Why women have to play Board games

To my dear fellow professional

Thank you for sharing your views that we should worry less about playing “numbers games” with women on leadership teams and should rather ensure that women are well paid and acknowledged as successful deal-makers, that we don’t have to play games since the board structures will eventually sort themselves out.  I was deeply intrigued by this insight, it really made me sit back and ponder. Not because I agree with your opinion – I don’t – but because if you, my-esteemed-fellow-professional-whom-I-respect-so-highly, feel this way, then it seems perhaps we really do need to start playing board games. You are of course fully entitled to your wrong opinion, but I implore you to reconsider and here is why…

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Bad things happen when good people do nothing

Some days I just can’t find my big girl panties! And even if I could, I really don’t want to wear them. Some days I feel like such a strange little girl in this boys world, that it takes every ounce of my energy to face the day. In my cosy morning fantasy I imagine escaping the boy world, like so many before me, or even just staying in this cosy bed world all day long to get my head right and ready again! But of course I don’t. I was raised to carry on, to be resilient, to face the world head held high. So I drag myself up, put on my highest heals and my brightest lipstick and chest-out-chin-up I head for my glass and metal cocoon. Why? Continue reading “Bad things happen when good people do nothing”

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Daddy’s courageous princess

Being a princess has to be the best part of being a woman.  I love my mornings faffing and preening and choosing exactly the shoes and the blouse and the skirt and the heels I feel calling out to me for the day; and then changing my mind and starting all over again!  For all the challenges of corporate life as a woman, at least we can still feel pretty and feminine; albeit in head to toe black. Continue reading “Daddy’s courageous princess”

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The Mowgli Syndrome

I’ve said it before,  I love men!

Sitting watching my sons cricket in a gaggle of dads reminds me of why: the banter; the camaraderie the fun; it’s so incredibly appealing! There’s a special kind of energy that a group of men bring.  Its tangible and exciting but at the same time completely isolating. Continue reading “The Mowgli Syndrome”