Top 10 Tips: Barcelona

Can there be a more exciting city than Barcelona? Its a bustling joy of a place – we visited without family so here are my tips for a Romantic short break!

1. Tapas, Tapas and more Tapas

Need I say more – pork 500 ways, and seafood delights and patatas bravas and flatbreads and just yum yum yum! Don’t look for the highest rated spot – look for a spot full of locals, a buzzy, simple, back road spot – and go there! Add Estrella and you have a recipe for heaven…

2. Stroll along the beach

Beaches are not the first thing that comes to mind when visiting a city – but its really worth heading down to the promenade and strolling along the white sandy beach.  The cafes are pretty pricey at the beach front so pick up some local delights from the market, and make your own special beach picnic.

3. Watch the football at Camp Nou

Watching sport in a city that is as passionate as this one is like being swept away in an emotional adventure. It feels like broadway outside! Its worth getting there a bit early to explore the museum too – usually I would steer away from sports memorabilia…but in this instance it totally delights.

4. Do the open bus.  You just gotta.

You really just gotta – because seeing the architecture of this gorgeous city from high up in an open bus is breathtaking! You won’t want to hop off – you will just want to keep being inspired by the creativity of the designs all around you.

5.  The market on Las Ramblas

There are no words.  Go there whilst you are starving – you will leave completely indulged.  Fresh produce of all kinds in a bustling city market – its a feast for all the senses

6. La Sagrada Familia

My first visit to this magnificent cathedral had me completely overwhelmed and in tears.  There is no place on this planet quite like it – the passion and dedication and beauty and detail are incredible! Make sure to keep a large chunk of time to immerse yourself in every little bit of this awesome creation.

7. Little Churches everywhere

As gorgeous as the usual well known churches are, there are little treasures all around the city.  Little gorgeous hidden gems down little known streets that will touch your soul as you light a candle. Go inside and just be.

8. Wander around El Born

Because its quirky and funky and alive.  Shop the little alleys, drink exotic gins a side alley and then indulge yourself at SABoC –  little gem within the heart of the area with divine tapas, well priced wine and a super fabulous atmosphere

9. Get yourself lost

Just wander and discover and explore.  Find a coffee shop in a deserted square and a little boutique sitting alone and an old local to pass the time with.  This is what the city is truly about – just being and experiencing and cherishing its quaint fabulousness.

10. Check out the fountains and the gorgeous views from MNAC

The setting high above the city as you look back through a pair of angels is quite spectacular and its a wonderful vantage point.  Its also a great walking spot and an opportnity to explore the historic musuem of ethnology

Barcelona is a place that you wraps its tentacles around your soul, calling you back for more – so go, and then go again, and again…


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